EU food security depends on food security in non-EU countries and regions. These regions include EU enlargement candidates and its neighborhood regions, as well as the regions of Africa, Asia and Latin America. As is the case in Europe, the food systems of these regions are subject to risk from climate change, resource scarcity and weaknesses in the management of agricultural lands and agricultural production systems. They too can benefit from the use of EO data and services provided by the COPERNICUS system.

The EO4AGRI project will work with non-EU countries in order to understand what is needed to enable the application of practices in agricultural production and finance based on this technology. Challenges include capacity building, and adaptation of practices based on use of EO data and services to local farm-business systems.

One of the outputs of this activity will be the production of a whitepaper aimed at the EC and international donors, accompanied by a strategic research agenda, policy roadmap and collaboration framework containing actionable recommendations on what needs to be done to close the policy practice gap at region and farm level.