The Common Agricultural Policy is currently undergoing a series of major reforms. These include reform to the system of CAP payments. This will provide benefits to both farmers and payment agencies. The payment agencies are required to adopt new methods of working by 2020, relying for example of remote monitoring using EO data from COPERNICUS as a substitute for on the spot inspections, as well as on the use of EO data to enabling payment for performance instead of payment for compliance. These changes are happening at a dizzying pace and different agencies are at different levels of readiness for the adoption of these new technologies and new ways of working.

The EO4AGRI project will work with the payment agencies to develop a series of tools that will help the agencies manage this transition. These tools will include a whitepaper, a strategic research agenda, a policy roadmap and a collaboration framework, containing recommendations on how to enable the implementation of CAP reforms based on next generation COPERNICUS data and related services.